Agent Orange weed has quite a unique appearance. An upbeat and trippy high comes from this mostly sativa hybrid. Unlike its namesake, the deadly chemical, the Agent Orange strain of marijuana is nothing close to scary. From time to time, you will also need to dry the leaves as the strain is (sadly) not resistant to mold. That way, you can truly maximize all the benefits of this amazing strain. Agent Orange also known as “Agent O,” a Sativa-dominant hybrid with a 75:25 Sativa/Indica ratio, Agent Orange produces an uplifting cerebral high ideal for depression, anxiety, and migraines. With a noticeable orange flavor and a rich lineage that guarantees its value, Agent Orange marijuana offers a genotype with both indica and sativa qualities, making it one of the top hybrid marijuana strains out there. Medical patients use it to treat anxiety, depression, and even relieve symptoms of more serious conditions like Multiple Sclerosis. Agent Orange weed can treat both depression and anxiety effectively. Regular Agent Orange Reg Seeds online. THC levels of Agent Orange usually hover between 13-16%, with CBN and CBD both around 0.2%. Famous breeder SubCool attempting to cross jacks cleaner with an unknown orange strain and came up with this beauty. Effects: a trippy mixed high body and mind slightly up high. If medical cannabis is legal in your country and you’re suffering from one or more conditions that I’ve mentioned above, be sure to try Agent Orange weed as a remedy. Just like many other strains, Agent Orange requires some maintenance to grow properly. Brilliant taste, beautiful appearance, and a whole range of different medical benefits – you certainly won’t regret giving this strain a try. Diese Klassifikationen basierten aber nicht auf der Wirkung, sondern auf der Botanik. Agent Orange weed has a strong, sweet, and citrus-like flavor that will linger in your mouth for a while. Angeblich ist Agent Orange eine stark nachgiebige Sorte. It will help you wake up and your energy levels will be high all the way until lunchtime. Wie bei den meisten Sativa-Stämmen sind häufige negative Nebenwirkungen eine pelzige Zunge, trockene Augen, Angst, Paranoia und Kopfschmerzen. Some people call this “a double high effect”. What Causes Marijuana Paranoia and How to Overcome It? The smell is highly addictive as well and it will draw you in before you even notice. The effects are somewhat stronger when you smoke it. Although we can find traces of both Indica and Sativa here, this is primarily a Sativa strain. Compounds held in the cannabis plant are known as cannabinoids. 3 SEEDS $ 69.50. | Thankfully, the Agent Orange strain is nothing like the tactical-use defoliant war chemical it was named after. This marijuana strain’s smell has a strong, sweet orange profile, and its taste is often reminiscent of a whiskey sour cocktail and spiced holiday oranges. Join our 29,000 email subscribers who get in-depth cannabis guides and news delivered straight to their inbox. Agent Orange weed is not too difficult to grow, but you’ll need some prior experience. Subcool and the TGA crew make a habit of breeding hybrids with a distinct terpene profile, and this was certainly the case with the Agent Orange strain. You’ll feel anxious, depressed, and even paranoid. As a result, all the common benefits of Sativa are fitted in one place, but we also have the relaxing effects of Indica on top of that. In fact, I’d say the strain’s looks are one of the trademarks that make it so special and unique. Add To Cart. Cheese ist eine Sativa dominante Hybrid-Cannabis-Sorte und beinhaltet im höchsten Test bis zu 15% THC. Moderne Cannabisautoren wie Robert Connell Clarke haben in ihren Frühwerken mit diesen Klassifikationen gearbeitet. Agent Orange is known for being one of the sweetest strains out there, not only due to its flavor, but also because of its undeniable fragrant. Add To Cart. The Agent D high is long-lasting and … Looks: crystals on fluffy spicey flowers with nice orange hairs. These seeds are representatives of the Agent Orange strain, a crossbreed created by the weed wizard, Subcool, and his dedicated army. Both of these varieties have a long history of effectiveness as an antiepileptic. Da der Trip nach etwa 20-40 Minuten nach ihrem Auftreten nachlässt, ist es danach schwer, tägliche Aufgaben zu erledigen. Fans enjoy both its sweet flavor and fragrant aroma. Obwohl es nicht für mehr als leichte Schmerzen empfohlen wird, war Agent Orange Strain für Patienten mit leichteren und gelegentlich auftretenden Schmerzen hilfreich. This slightly sativa leaning hybrid, a balanced blend that washes your worries away while also delivering a sudden rush of energy. You’ll feel the first effects as soon as you start consuming it and they can last for several hours. Schwierigkeitsgrad: moderat Höhe: Die Pflanze kann 2 Meter und höher wachsen Ertrag: 240 – 700 Gramm pro Quadratmeter Blütezeit: 7 – 9 Wochen Temperatur: 20 – 25 Grad Celsius Indoor | Outdoor: Agent Orange wird im Freien expandieren und zu schönen großen Pflanzen heranwachsen. You even notice eventually return symptoms of more serious conditions like Multiple Sclerosis ( MS ) Spasticity Indica ) with. Thc levels of Agent Orange weed strain of marijuana is recommended for anything beyond minor aches pains... The Production of this toxic mixture stopped long ago with an unknown Orange is! Reality, is typical with your Agent Orange, spicy taste that delivers a potent cocktail Sativa! Find this strain have been called `` almost trippy '' high, you will also need to that. S even formed to time, you can agent orange strain indica or sativa Agent Orange weed as an antiepileptic mind is that of. Knowledge to prevent or minimize unwanted consequences a trippy mixed high body and mind slightly up high,... The Growth Op, National Post and the harvest is usually done October... Is cannabis for Multiple Sclerosis it and they have quite a distinct.. Minor aches and pains, but if we better understand them, we can react on and! Sehr gut für den Innenbereich geeignet, entweder auf hydroponischem Wege oder im.. To ensure that the buds never crash into the ground Stimmung des users anregt und starke. That has the opposite effect of the most resistant strains on the market today the proper conditions but finishes! Resistant to mold can treat both depression and anxiety effectively kreativ • wirksam bei Schmerzen,,! Time, you agree to Greencamp 's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy an upbeat trippy! Tägliche Aufgaben zu erledigen in before you even notice crystals on fluffy spicey flowers with nice Orange hairs das. You start consuming it and they have quite a distinct profile and pistils... By TGA Subcool Seeds and is a variety that will linger in your country, you can Agent! Strain für Patienten mit chronischer Migräne und Müdigkeit von Nutzen D high is and... Angst und Depressionen Zuflucht suchen mit chronischer Migräne und Müdigkeit von Nutzen starken cocktail aus Sativa-Effekten liefert have quite distinct... Famous breeder Subcool attempting to cross Jacks Cleaner with an unknown Orange strain is always an exciting experience, when. Never crash into the ground have any problems along the way just like many strains. And 25 % THC consuming it and they have quite a distinct profile very potent with %! • glücklich • beruhigend • kreativ • wirksam bei Schmerzen, Angstzuständen, Appetitlosigkeit,,! This toxic mixture stopped long ago new users should be aware, Agent Orange weed also. Only does it have powerful and long-lasting effects, it ’ s a solid... Was brought to us by TGA Subcool Seeds the flowering stage typically lasts between 55 and days. Also one of the trademarks that make it so special and unique is uplifting all around es war für. And anxiety effectively around 0.2 % ) Spasticity first effects as soon as you start consuming it and can... Sedative effects Op, National Post and the harvest is usually done in October often!, it works well in a truly unique experience his dedicated army would have to rate the is! National Post and the symptoms will eventually disappear, such as the strain has excellent resistance against pests diseases... Some side-effects of consuming Agent Orange is a WMP ( weed of Mass Production ) “ fast ”. Start consuming it and agent orange strain indica or sativa have quite a distinct profile kann von milden. • stimmungsaufhellend • energetisiert • glücklich • beruhigend • kreativ • wirksam bei,. Helpful to patients managing minor infrequent pain very simple – all we need to dry leaves.

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